Get The Best Electric Toothbrush This Year For That Perfect Smile

Are you looking for high-quality and savings of over 60%? Our best electric toothbrush reviews will help you clean your teeth, strengthen your gums, and more while ensuring the best deal.

Check out the best electric toothbrushes, here if you just want to browse Amazon but stay with us to get the best and save today.

Keep reading on, because in this guide, we will take an in-depth look at three of the electric toothbrushes on the market so that you can decide which one will be best for you.

#1 Bestselling Electric Toothbrush

If you want a high-quality, powerful electric toothbrush, then the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush is the ideal choice for you.

Included in pack is a rechargeable toothbrush handle, easy to use charging station, handy travel case and fitted brush head.

Philips is a great brand and is known as the No. 1 brand used by dentists and oral healthcare professionals worldwide. With the DiamondClean they really one-upped themselves, this model has all you could want from a high-end electric toothbrush.

This toothbrush’s movement cleaning system oscillates, rotates and pulsates to mimic the shape of professional dentist cleaning tools. It features five brushing modes: clean, sensitive, gum care, white and polish. The glass charging cup and USB charging travel case are also very neat features.

Another nice feature is the Philips Diamond Clean Brush Heads that remove up to 100% more plaque then a regular manual toothbrush. It’s also definitely more effective than many brushes we’ve tried and tested.

Finally this electronic toothbrush has a useful timer that indicates the dentist-recommended brushing time of two minutes with 30 second intervals. This over time really does help to encourage great gums and overall oral health.

We also recommend you get a bundle of at least 4 replacement heads along with this as it’s suggested by dentists to replace the head every couple of months. This way you can save even more on shipping costs and buy it as an “Add-on” item.

The Recommended Retail Price of this brush is actually £250, but you can save 60% right now & get it for £100.00 on with Free Shipping too.

Best Electric Toothbrush To Buy

Perhaps the best electric toothbrush to buy is the Oral-B Pro 6000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity and Smart Series Powered by Braun. This top-of-the-line product would be more accurately described as a professional oral healthcare kit than just a fancy tooth-brush. It comes highly recommended.

“I would argue that this is without doubt the best toothbrush i have used. It is much faster (more brushes) than my old one and your teeth feels super clean afterwards.”

Other Oral-B electric toothbrushes we’ve looked at are designed to emulate the motion of professional dental cleaning tools, but the Pro 6000 attempts successfully to mimic the brushing motion of a manual toothbrush with the enhanced benefits of power, leaving you with superior oral health and freshness when compared to a regular manual (or electric) toothbrush.

The Oral-B CrossAction movement cleaning system pulsates and sweeps back and forth to remove up to 100% more dental plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

Included in pack you’ll get a rechargeable electric toothbrush handle, 1 x CrossAction toothbrush head, 1 x 3D white toothbrush head, 1 x sensitive toothbrush head, 1 x FlossAction toothbrush head, 1 x charging station with brush head storage, travel accessory and wireless SmartGuide. We always recommend getting a bundle with some extra heads to save on postage costs.

The Recommended Retail Price of this brush is actually £229.99, but you can save 63% right now & get it for £83.99 on with Free Shipping too.

Popular High-End Electric Toothbrush 2016

By far and wide the Philips Sonicare HX9111/21 FlexCare Platinum stands out as a premium product. It’s simple, well designed and does what you’d expect from an electric toothbrush around the £100 mark.

This is our best electric toothbrush reviewed and can remove up to 10x more plaque than some lower-end products. Of course like all power brushes you’ll get healthier gums than if you use a manual toothbrush but with its adaptive responsive brush head with pressure sensor you get gentler cleaning.

The Sonicare HX9111/21 has 3 Intensity settings and 3 cleaning modes for a total 9 customisable brushing modes which really allows you to get a unique and personal tooth cleaning experience. It also features a deep clean setting for an intense performance clean (for after a heavy night out!).
One short charge will give you up to 3 weeks of battery life and it comes in a handy travel case for when you’re on the move.

As always when buying an any electric toothbrush it’s worth making sure you don’t need to go out again in a few months and get the replacement heads. Amazon normally offers reduced priced heads as a bundle deal when buying so be sure to save postage costs there too!

The Recommended Retail Price of this brush is actually £200.00, but you can save 45% right now & get it for £109.48 on with Free Shipping too.

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